What is Root To Grow?

I am delighted to announce that I have joined the team at Insight Professional Counseling Services PLLC, located in Burlington, NC. You can inquire about services here, or check out http://jwarrentherapy.com

Have you ever found yourself standing on one leg in a beginner yoga class, sweaty and not confident that you’re even “doing it right?”

I have. An instructor called out, “Root down to grow!” I spread my toes, rooted into my one wobbly foot, and spread my arms over my head. Not perfectly, not without wobbling, but I grew. I stood up tall. I smiled and promptly fell over.

Counseling is simply a safe and open space to explore and unpack our innermost thoughts, beliefs, and stories we carry with us. Some of our thoughts are not helpful or healthy to carry with us if we want to grow. I will sit alongside you as we process anxiety, confusing or uncomfortable behaviors and emotions, depression, identity issues, relationship and friendship stressors, along with whatever struggle you may bring with you.

Digging into the person we are, were, and want to be can begin a healing journey that changes our thoughts and actions which will ultimately shift our day to day experience. It may feel scary and messy, you may “fall over,” but moving at your own pace and with evidence based mental health practices, I believe we can see lasting and flourishing change. 

Alisha Miller MS LCMHC NCC

Current availability:

By appointment; Tuesday-Thursday 9-6p; Friday 9-3p


1205 S Main St., Burlington NC 27215